Bridgeport Police Department

John N. Bumba, Chief of Police Darby L. Copeland, Assistant Chief of Police

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Mayor's Clerk Office Hours

Monday -Thursday

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Phone: 740-635-9999

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Police Department Complaint Form Are Avilable By Stopping at the Village Municipal Building Located at 301 Main Street Bridgeport, Ohio

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Bridgeport Police Proudly Serving & Protecting Communitie of Bridgeport Ohio

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Make sure you select the correct citation fine amount using the drop down arrow located next to USD,and enter the correct name on citation and citation number before clicking ADD TO CART.

Any citation payed online must be paid before court date listed on the citation.

The Village of Bridgeport is not responsible for late fee's , fine, penalties or suspensions due to incorrect information entered before final payment is made. Any issues with the system while paying citation need to be addressed with the Mayor's Office in a timely manor if the issue is to re resolved before and extra penalties occur. The Village is also not responsible for lost payments if the wrong citation name and/or number are entered incorrectly by the payee.

If you are unable to access the site by clicking the add to cart the system is under maintenance and you would ether need to wait a day(if possible) to try again or pay your citation in person at the mayors office, The online payment feature is a luxury and we are not required to offer this, there for if you do not pay your fine on time due to the system being under maintenance this is not a valid excuse for late or missed payments.

If you are paying from a cellular device and are unable to see the ADD TO CART button you will need to scroll up by where you can first see the fine amount in black lettering